Event Tips + FAQ's

Please take a few moments to read these tips.  We hope you enjoy your visit to the Keuka Lake Wine Trail!

Purchasing Tickets

  • Tickets may be purchased on this website, or by phone (800.440.4898) until 5pm on the Thursday immediately preceding the event.  Ticket purchases may be also made in-person at Wegmans Food Stores until 5pm on the Thursday immediately preceding the event.  No tickets will be available for purchase the Friday before an event. 
  • All our events are self-guided tours around Keuka Lake.  Tickets do not include transportation.
  • You will be asked to specify a Starting Winery when you purchase tickets.  This helps maintain an even flow of event participants around the lake.
  • Weekend Tickets (available for all Signature Events) are the most flexible option, good for admission at all 5 wineries over the course of the weekend.  Split your tour up between the two days or visit all in one day.  Your plans suddenly changed for Saturday?  No problem, come on Sunday instead.
  • Tickets (with the exception of DD options) may only be purchased and used by persons at least 21 years of age.
  • For orders placed by midnight on Sunday night immediately preceding the event (6 days prior), tickets will be mailed to the address indicated by you.  For orders received on or after the Monday immediately preceding the event, tickets will be held at your Starting Winery for pick-up on the day of the event. 
  • Groups of 10-12 or must be arranged in advance through the Keuka Lake Wine Trail office at 800.440.4898. Some wineries may need to serve these large parties in smaller groups.  We will not accept groups over 12 on event weekends.
  • Events usually sell-out in advance. A limited number of tickets may be available for purchase at one or more wineries on the day of the event, with a $5.00 per ticket surcharge.  Please call first your desired Starting Winery for availability.


  • Ticketholders must bring legal proof of age to all wineries (except holders of Designated Driver tickets).
  • Keuka Lake Wine Trail tickets do not include transportation.  Ticketholders often bring a designated driver (reduced price tickets are available), or hire a tour company to guide them around the area.
  • Attendance is valid for the dates indicated on the front of the ticket only.

En route to/between/from wineries

  • Be mindful that the ounces of wine served at our events do add up.  Please refrain from consuming alcohol before the event, between stops and returning home. 
  • To ensure the best possible service, we recommend to groups of 10 or more that your leader or bus/limo driver call each winery at least 10 minutes before arrival: Heron Hill 800.441.4241  |  Hunt Country 800.946.3289  |  Keuka Spring 315.536.3147  |  McGregor 800.272.0192.

At the wineries

  • To participate in wine tasting, please have your valid ID ready at each winery with proof of 21+ years of age.
  • At your starting winery, after producing legal proof of age, we will affix a wristband.
  • NYS Law prohibits the consumption of any beer, spirits, wine from other wineries, or other alcoholic beverage on the premises of Keuka Lake Wine Trail wineries.
  • Winery personnel are trained and certified by New York State in the laws governing the consumption of alcoholic beverage and must refuse to serve wine to any ticketholder who is in their judgment intoxicated.  
  • Please be respectful of winery staff and fellow ticketholders in terms of language and behavior.


How long should we plan to visit each winery?

You are free to pace your tour of the wineries as you like.  As a rule of thumb, if you arrive at your starting winery at opening time, and wish to visit all 5 wineries, you will have about 45 minutes to visit each winery.  Many of our visitors split their visit across Saturday and Sunday, so that they can browse and enjoy the wineries at a more relaxed pace.

How long does it take to drive between wineries?

Approximate travel time, assuming normal road and traffic conditions:

Hunt Country to Heron Hill 18 min.
Heron Hill to McGregor 21 min.
McGregor to Keuka Spring 15 min.
Keuka Spring to Vineyard View 11 min.
Vineyard View to Hunt Country 8 min.
Why do we need to choose a Starting Winery?

This helps us to distribute our guests more evenly among wineries, avoid a pile-up at any particular winery, ease the flow of guests and maximize the enjoyment of all!

Can my ticket be refunded, returned, changed or exchanged?

Like for most events and entertainment, KLWT tickets are not refundable, returnable, changeable or exchangeable.  But KLWT tickets ARE transferrable to other individuals (subject to any Age 21+ requirement). 

Can I exchange my Keuka Holidays I ticket for a Keuka Holidays II ticket?

We are sorry that we cannot make this type of exchange, as we have to plan well in advance the amounts of food to cook at each winery based on ticket sales for each specific weekend.  Tickets are valid for admission only on the date(s) indicated on the front of the ticket.

Why was tax added to my ticket purchase? I do not live in New York State.

New York tax is applied to ticket purchases because the resulting food, wine and service provided to you takes place in New York State.

Why do you offer a Sunday Single ticket option for some events?

Some of our guests prefer to come on Sunday when the wineries naturally have fewer visitors.  This Sunday ticket option helps balance the number of visitors across the two days.

We would like each of us to receive a complete set of flowers/plants. What Keuka in Bloom ticket(s) should we choose?

You will need to purchase two (2) Single Tickets to receive 2 sets of flowers/plants.  The Couples Ticket is designed for two people who wish to have one set of flowers/plants.

We want to attend Keuka Holidays. How do we each get a wreath and complete set of ornaments?

You would need to purchase two (2) Single Tickets.  The Couples Ticket is designed for two people who wish to have one wreath and one set of 5 ornaments.

How much food is served at your Signature Events?

Since food samples are served at each winery on event days, most of our ticketholders find that they do not need to have a separate lunch.  

Do you cater to people with food allergies?

We're sorry, but we are not able to cater to guests with allergies, such as to nuts or gluten-free, nut allergies, etc.  We do however occasionally offer vegetarian or vegan foods.